I’ve been meaning to branch out here but been unsure of where to start. Since my first book review was for my favourite book, I thought “why not review my favourite game”? So… ta da!


I like my video games like I like my books (and movies, and TV shows, and…. most things really); full of gorgeously complicated story-lines and characters that make sense. Bioshock has both of these things. I also cannot go into much more detail without spoiling everything, so I’m going to leave that one there. But writing-wise, A+, 10/10, etc.

Some games are extremely well-written, but take hardly any time to complete because the locations themselves have had minimal effort put in. There’s not much to look at, and there is only one path through the level so it’s almost impossible to get lost. Bioshock is not like that at all.

There is so much to see! Plus, the citizens of Rapture were thoughtful enough to leave audio diaries all over the place so you can piece together what happened to them, and I wanted to find them all. And save all the Little Sisters. And watch every sea turtle that passed by every window.

Listen, the first play-through took me a while.

But Rapture is so beautiful, it would really be a shame to whizz through it. The game is set in the year 1960 (The second is set mostly in 1968, and Infinite really deserves it’s own review because that has it’s whole own set of characters and places) which means most of the women you encounter have gorgeous pin-curls, and most of the men are wearing suits. And I don’t know about you, but I am here for that. I wear pin-curls quite a bit, so it felt nice to see other people who take the time to meticulously wet-set their hair on a regular basis.

As for actual game-play, I’m one of those people who play most shooters on easy the first time around because I want to focus on the story-line without having to worry too much about yelling obscenities at sneaky little people creeping up on me. Bioshock on easy mode actually proved a challenge anyway, because you have to time things and strategise; you can’t just shoot something repeatedly and pray. Which is my favourite tactic in shooter games, I am not going to lie.

And I really hated fighting Big Daddies oh my gosh they were just trying their best I didn’t want to shoot them.

I must say, though, I really appreciated that there were speakers and radios dotted around Rapture playing Beyond the Sea. I wish all shooters played up-beat music while I was hiding behind things and occasionally popping up to fire blindly. It really helped the mood.

On a completely unrelated note, I now know all the words to that song.

I’m really not sure what else there is to say without spoiling everything. Um. Diane McClintock and Jasmine Jolene deserved better. Atlas has a nice accent. Dr Tenenbaum is an amazing scientist and I hope she and her ten million daughters are happy.

I cannot recommend Bioshock highly enough, provided you enjoy having your heart broken. Because it will probably break your heart. Several times, if you play through the whole trilogy.

Which is the mark of a good game, right?

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